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Johannes Volk

Dj Performances

Upcoming Events:

24/08/14 The Parlour, Belfast, UK

06/09/14 Poppodium Volt, Sittard, Netherlands

20/09/14 Bootshuis Brauhaus, Antwerp, Belgium

Recent Events:

18/07/14 Glazart, Paris, France

12/07/14 Tresor, Berlin, Germany

14/06/14 House Of Fiction3@Ak44 Gießen, Germany

30/05/14 Imagine Festival, Basel, Switzerland

10/05/14 Golden Pudel, Hamburg, Germany

11/04/14 Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany

21/03/14 DV1, Lyon, France

01/03/14 House Of Fiction@Ak44 Gießen, Germany

17/01/14 Batofar, Paris, France

10/01/14 Chalet, Berlin, Germany

14/12/13 Corsica Studios, London, UK

18/10/13 ADE, Amsterdam, Netherlands

12/10/13 Tresor, Berlin, Germany

02/10/13 Technodisco, Wetzlar, Germany

12/07/13 Subland, Berlin, Germany

15/06/13 Sisyphos, Berlin, Germany

25/05/13 WG Festival, Gießen, Germany

10/03/13 75021, Paris, France

09/03/13 La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France

09/02/13 Golem, Hamburg, Germany

02/02/13 Ludwigstraße 6, Gießen, Germany

24/11/12 Berghain, Berlin, Germany


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